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As an Immigration Consultant Service since 1999 and active member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), we have helped hundreds of individuals and families from over 30 countries and 6 continents to work, study, and immigrate permanently to Canada.

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The Most Trusted and Popular Choice For Canadian Immigration

Trusted Since 1999.

We have extensive expertise in all matters relating to Canadian immigration and provide trusted, professional representation.

We have helped hundreds of people just like you prepare and submit successful applications for temporary and permanent residence.

Expert Team

Our team of qualified immigration consultants are ready to assist you regardless of your situation or location.

Whether you are applying for a short term work permit or are submitting a complex permanent residence application, we’ll make sure that the strongest possible application is submitted.

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Coming to Canada?

Submit the strongest possible application to the Government of Canada.


You’ve accepted the job offer, your place at university, purchased your business, or have simply fallen in love. The decision has been made. You’re coming to Canada.

Let us help you fulfill one of the most important decisions of your life.


It is common that after researching Canadian visa information online you start to feel lost. Government sites and internet forums, at best, provide only general information.

We are here to help with accurate information and advice about your unique situation.


Our firm takes only a limited number of case files each year. Each client has direct and ongoing access to a senior licensed consultant with years of experience.

Your file will be handled by an expert while you receive the utmost care and attention.

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Proven Success for Over a Decade

""We pride ourselves on going above and beyond what is expected and provide a service that is truly exceptional. From your first consultation to successfully arriving in Canada, we will be here to help, guide, inform and act on your behalf.

Get in touch today and see why we are such a popular and respected choice for Canadian immigration."

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Application Approved

  • “I would highly recommend John Lironi to anyone who are looking for a reliable immigration consultant in Canada.”
    — Reza Murti, Product Manager
  • “If you are looking for exceptional service and someone committed to your success, then John is the person to retain.”
    — Arit Archibong-Akpan, Physician Executive
  • “A reliable individual, kind, patient and willing to explain every single question,
    I was in a very comfortable situation having 100% of my trust in him.”
    — Giancarlo Stefani, Industrial Designer

Do it Right. The First Time.

Don't risk your time, money and future. Work with an expert.

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It’s simply impractical to list all the options and possibilities available leading to a successful immigration application. Every case is different and so is our approach. We do guarantee one thing – no matter what your situation - we will help you find a solution.

Our Global Team

If we cannot help you in-house we will refer you to another qualified specialist within our global network of immigration consultants and lawyers. Let us know how we can help you...



"Soon after entering this profession, I quickly realized that there are few people as resilient and determined in this world as the immigrant. I am simply amazed by the tenacity and bravery of the overwhelming majority of my clients. They leave home and all the comforts and certainties therein behind to start anew, quite often at the bottom of the ladder. They come to work, study, join loved ones or in some cases, to escape corruption, crime and political strife.

I promise - should you decide to let me represent you - that I will do my very best to help you reach your desired goal. If I cannot I will find a colleague, inside Canada or out, who can.

The process of applying for temporary or permanent residence to Canada can be daunting and despite claims to the contrary, the Government of Canada does not always make it easy. You can find yourself lost in a sea of conflicting information and government double-speak. Yet you are not alone. Let us help you navigate your journey to Canada."

John Lironi - Founder

Your Journey to Canada

From Start to Finish, We’ll Guide You The Whole Way.

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