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Canadian federal and provincial governments continually amend, augment, or even terminate immigration programs and as such, a lot of the information found online and elsewhere can be out of date or totally inaccurate.

Currently, there are dozens of immigration programs available for both temporary and permanent residence in Canada. You may be eligible for one or even more.

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Canadian Visa Process

The First Step To a Successful Application

The first step towards a successful application is setting up a consultation to discuss your position under the rules and regulations. We save you valuable time and money by guiding you through the best route forward.

Our expert staff are all long-serving members of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and combined, can share decades of experience and procedural knowhow. Knowing what you are facing at the start of your journey is absolutely critical.

All Your Options and The Perfect Plan

There is no one right program when it comes to Canadian immigration. The right program for you will depend on a lot of different factors.

Canadian federal and provincial governments continually amend, augment or even terminate immigration programs and as such, a lot of the information found online and elsewhere can be out of date or totally inaccurate.

During your initial consultation we will determine which programs you are eligible for and recommend the best and more effective solution.

Canadian Visa Process

Carefully Prepared

We will provide you with a no-surprises, flat-fee retainer agreement and a clearly defined schedule of applicable government fees.

Applications can sometimes be prepared and submitted to the Government of Canada within days. We will continue to represent you right up to the point of arriving in Canada as a permanent or temporary resident.

We have prepared and represented hundreds of successful applications, from around the world, with almost every single client avoiding an interview with an Immigration Officer.

The Information and Tools You Need

Once your application is approved you’ll be asking, “What’s Next?”. Whether you’ve been granted a work and/or a study permit, or, permanent residence you may find the actual moment of arriving in Canada a bit intimidating.

As part of our services we will let you know what to expect at the airport or U.S. border, and, how to effectively communicate with officers of the Canada Border Services Agency, the first officials you will meet. We can also provide general information and advice on what to expect in your first few days in Canada.

Canadian Visa Process

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